Friday, September 24, 2010

Bridal Gowns

Wearing french maid outfits seems to be pretty universal for us sissies.  Actually, for me I think its part of the definition that sissies like me want to wear sissy dresses and french maid dresses.  Unless its Halloween, there's no denying what you are if you're wearing a dress like this.  You're a big sissy!
But what about bridal gowns?  Again, no denying what you are if you're caught wearing one.  But is the bridal gown as universal a desire for sissies?  I saw a poll recently over at JamieLin's blog asking about the most fetishized traditionally female job.  Of course, maid and secretary ran away with the poll.  When I first saw those poll results I wished "bride" could have somehow been added as an option, but "bride" isn't a job.  Hence the new poll here.

The first fantasy I ever had that involved a clothing fetish was of me fucking a girl in a wedding dress.  I imagined me laying on my back and her riding me with the skirts of her gown spread out around her so that they totally covered me and I was completely surrounded and covered by her petticoat and her satin gown.  My mother and my aunt both made custom bridal gowns so there were plenty of bridal magazines and catalogs around the house.
 I actually remember these two photos from catalogs I found at home.
Occasionally, I was at home alone with a nearly finished bridal gown hanging by mom's sewing machine.  I would always go and touch them, just feel the satin and lace and organza and whatever else was in that particular dress.  Even when I was very young, I would sneak in and feel them.  My memory is that about the time that I discovered crossdressing, there seemed to be a stretch of time where mom wasn't making wedding dresses but then she started again when I was in high school.  One time, I was home alone and the thought of that beautiful gown hanging in mom's room was just too much and I went to try it on.  I think I put on panties and a full slip, possibly pantyhose and tried on the gown.  It was a ball gown style with short sleeves.  It was way too small for me and there was no way I could close it in back, but I had my arms in the sleeves and it was glorious!  The feel of all that satin swishing around me, around my legs when I walked, it was amazing!  Quickly I was afraid I might ruin it somehow, so I took it off.  But I think I tried on every gown mom made after that.
The bridal gown fantasy progressed a lot further since then.  I'd love to be the kidnapped bride or to be married off to a dominant woman in a tux.  One of my favorite fantasies lately is that my Mistress dresses me as a beautiful bride and then takes me to a party full of dominant men and women and their sissies where all the sissies are wearing bridal gowns.  Then some of the sissies are made to marry each other or their Mistresses and Masters.  I sometimes imagine someone pushing me into a side room at the party and having their way with me.

Recently, I've even emailed a few local bridal shops asking if they would fit a crossdresser for a bridal gown.  I have yet to see a reply.

Anyway, here's a few more of my favorite bridal gowns and a couple bridesmaid dresses as well.


Mistress_Rachel said...

I'd gladly marry you, precious, make you my pretty little boywife forever, would you like that hon?

Sharon said...

I'm also interested in wedding gowns, to be a bride with all of my white lingerie on something borrow something blue and have the love of my life at the end of the evening make love to me.

Bill said...

I got my bridal gown on Ebay. It is BEAUTIFUL.

There are a couple places that sell custom made gowns for about 80-90 dollars. They are well made, beautiful, and... totally worth every penny and more.

All you do is pay, take your measurements (a LOT of measurements), and send them in. It takes about 6-8 weeks, but you get a gorgeous gown in the mail.

I don't have the link anymore, but an enterprising sissy should be able to find it.


Anonymous said...

I think it's important to remember that while you're practising dressing you're preparing yourself for your wedding night, when your husband will pick you up in his strong arms and make you his woman.